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Our Services

We offer multi-disciplinary engineering services to different industrial sectors.

Plant Engineering Integration:

✔️ Project Management:
Expert project management ensuring the seamless execution of your industrial projects. Our team oversees planning, organization, and resource allocation to meet strict timelines and budget constraints.

✔️ Project Planning and Monitoring (time, resource, and cost):
Comprehensive planning and real-time monitoring covering aspects of time, resources, and costs. Our meticulous approach ensures efficient project execution while meeting budgetary and scheduling requirements.

✔️ Project Scope of Work Definition:
Clear definition of project scope, outlining the specific tasks, deliverables, and objectives. This crucial step ensures alignment with client expectations and project success.

✔️ Project Engineering Integration:
Holistic project engineering integration, streamlining processes and ensuring a cohesive approach. Our integrated engineering solutions guarantee optimal project outcomes.

Plant Design:

✔️ Plant Process Design:
In-depth design of plant processes, emphasizing efficiency and functionality at every stage of production. Our expertise ensures the seamless integration of processes.

✔️ Plant General Lay-out:
Strategic layout planning for overall plant optimization, considering workflow, safety, and efficiency to enhance operational effectiveness.

✔️ Key Process Equipment Definition:
Definition and specification of key process equipment, ensuring the selection of the most suitable and efficient machinery for your industrial needs.

✔️ Auxiliary Process Equipment Design:
Designing auxiliary process equipment to complement key processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

✔️ Utility Plants Definition:
Definition and design of utility plants to provide essential services, such as power, water, and air, supporting the overall functionality of the industrial facility.

✔️ Material Handling System Design:
Tailored designs for material handling systems, optimizing workflow and minimizing downtime through efficient logistics.

✔️ Water Treatment & Cooling Plant Design:
Cutting-edge designs for water treatment and cooling plants, integrating sustainable solutions for environmental stewardship.

✔️ Air Separation Plant Design:
Precision engineering for air separation plants, optimizing processes to meet the highest industry standards.

✔️ Compressed Air Station Design:
Design of compressed air stations ensuring reliability and efficiency for various industrial applications.

✔️ Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Station Design:
Designing natural gas pressure reducing stations to meet the specific needs of your industrial operations.

✔️ Road and Plant Logistic Traffic Study:
Thorough traffic studies for both road and plant logistics, ensuring smooth and safe movement of materials and personnel.

✔️ Waste Water Treatment Plant Design:
Innovative designs for waste water treatment plants, ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability.

✔️ Main Substation Design:
Strategic designs for main substations, focusing on reliability and safety to support overall plant operations.

✔️ Semi and Non-Industrial Areas Definition and Design:
Definition and design of semi and non-industrial areas to create comprehensive and functional industrial environments.

Service Engineering:

✔️ Civil Works Detail Design:
Precise detail design of civil works, emphasizing structural integrity and safety compliance for a solid foundation.

✔️ Steel Structure Detail Design:
Detail design of steel structures, ensuring durability and efficiency for various industrial applications.

✔️ Piping and Media Distribution Design:
Comprehensive designs for piping and media distribution, optimizing flow and ensuring system efficiency.

✔️ Electrical and Power Distribution Design:
Detailed designs for electrical and power distribution systems, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards.

✔️ Plant Facilities Design:
Designing plant facilities with a focus on functionality, safety, and efficiency to support overall industrial operations.

Process Engineering:

✔️ P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams):
Meticulous creation of P&IDs, providing a visual representation of the industrial processes for clear understanding and optimization.

✔️ Flow Diagram:
Detailed flow diagrams outlining the entire process, facilitating comprehensive process understanding and optimization.

✔️ Process Description:
Comprehensive descriptions of industrial processes, aiding in the development of efficient and effective workflows.

✔️ Mass and Energy Balance:
Accurate calculations of mass and energy balance to ensure optimal process efficiency and resource utilization.

Mechanical Engineering

✔️ Fixed Equipment Design:
Rigorous designs for fixed equipment, emphasizing durability and compliance with industry standards.

✔️ Rotary Equipment Design:
Precision engineering for rotary equipment, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

✔️ Machinery Equipment:
Designing machinery equipment with a focus on efficiency and meeting specific industrial requirements.

✔️ Material Handling:
Customized solutions for material handling, streamlining processes and enhancing overall productivity.

Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering:

✔️ Designing and Optimization of Structures:
Innovative designs and optimization strategies for structures, maximizing efficiency and safety.

✔️ Retrofitting Existing Structures:
Retrofitting existing structures to meet current standards, enhancing safety and functionality.

✔️ Silos, Tanks, and other Infrastructure:
Strategic designs for silos, tanks, and other critical infrastructure, ensuring durability and functionality.

✔️ Supporting Structures:
Comprehensive designs for supporting structures, prioritizing safety, stability, and efficiency.

✔️ Buildings and Platforms:
Designing buildings and platforms with a focus on functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

✔️ Architectural Design of Industrial Building:
Architectural design specifically tailored to industrial building requirements, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function.

Piping and 3D Model Engineering:

✔️ Basic Engineering including P&IDs and PFDs:
Detailed basic engineering, including P&IDs and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), forming a robust foundation for further design and implementation.

✔️ 3D Modeling:
Advanced 3D modeling providing a visual representation of the entire system, facilitating better understanding and optimization.

✔️ Detail Engineering and Isometrics:
Detail engineering and isometrics creation to ensure precise implementation of piping systems.

✔️ Stress Analysis and Support Design:
Rigorous stress analysis and support design to guarantee the structural integrity of piping systems.

Electrical & Automation Engineering:

✔️ Power System Design:
Strategic designs for power systems, optimizing electrical distribution for efficiency and reliability.

✔️ Power Distribution Design And Drawing:
Detailed designs and drawings for power distribution systems, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

✔️ Equipment Electrical & Automation:
Precision engineering for equipment electrical and automation, ensuring seamless integration into overall systems.

✔️ Plant DCS Programming:
Expert programming for Plant Distributed Control Systems (DCS), enhancing control and monitoring capabilities.

✔️ Inspection And Site Services:
Comprehensive inspection services to ensure the ongoing reliability and safety of electrical systems.

Overview of Our Services:

Elevating Engineering Excellence

Welcome to Alvand Technic I&E Solutions, where our comprehensive range of services converges to redefine the benchmarks of engineering excellence. In the realm of consultancy, engineering, project management, manufacturing, and procurement, we stand as industry leaders, catering to diverse sectors with a primary focus on steel and aluminum industries. Our offerings span the entire project lifecycle, from meticulous planning and integrated design to seamless execution. Whether you are envisioning a new industrial plant, seeking to expand existing capacities, or revamping facilities, Alvand TEC is your dedicated partner. Our multidisciplinary expertise, coupled with a commitment to innovation, ensures tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Join us on a journey where every service is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and the success of our clients. Explore the pinnacle of engineering solutions with Alvand Technic I&E Solutions – where your aspirations meet our expertise.


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